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Healthy tips, inspiration and fitness thoughts. Although not directly related to our Homestead efforts, we can’t very well Homestead if we’re not healthy can we?

Race Bib Letters – A Modge Podge Motivational Project

Race Bib Letter Wall Art - A Modge Podge Motivational Project

Race Bib Letters – A Modge Podge Motivational Project Looking for a way to display all those race bibs?  Here’s a fun race bib display craft that doubles as motivation!  You can easily customize for any sport!   All you need are: Wooden letters (to spell whatever you like) Old Race Bibs Modge Podge A brush Scissors   For the original website, check out this modge podge project using old race bibs!   I gave it a try using my favorite race bibs and hung the result on the wall in our workout room!

Celebrate Every Mile – PR, Bibs and Medals Display

Race PR, Bib and Medals Display

Celebrate Every Mile – PR, Bibs and Medals Display   Do you race? I don’t. But, I participate in my fair share of racing events competing against myself. With a goal of finishing, preferably faster than the last time, I enjoy the spirit and excitement of all kinds of races: 5ks, marathons, triathlons, obstacle and multi-sport. The people, the fun, the music and the food are catchy! Over the last ten years, I must have completed forty or so races (the first being the Seacoast Half Marathon). In that time, I’ve accumulated a multitude of bibs, medals (participatory unless I happen to be the only one in my age group) and T-shirts. Well…let me tell you, that’s a lot of swag. Although I may not have placed, I’m pretty darn proud of the miles I’ve run, biked, swam, slogged or skied! Whenever I see my little collection, I get a jolt of enthusiasm for the next event. It may not seem like much, but that little spark motivates me to train and try time and again. So, what better place to display my racing career than in the workout room? It took some Pinterest inspirations and a tad of light…
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