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Teaching the Alphabet with Flour!

Teaching the alphabet with flour

Teaching the Alphabet with Flour! This is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to have fun, get messy and learn their letters at the same time!  Using whatever flour (or sugar) you have available, let them use their fingers to write letters, numbers or draw whatever they’d like to see.  I put the flour on a jelly pan (cookie sheet with sides) to keep the mess contained.  We also had an alphabet placemat nearby so my daughter could have a reference for copying her letters.

The Complete Homeschool Planning Printable – FREE!

Homeschool Planner Printable - FREE

Hi all! I know it seems like summer vacation just started,  but school season is just six weeks away!  I thought I’d repost this from last year for all those looking for a one-stop homeschooling planner!  Enjoy! ~Brianna The Complete Homeschool Planner – FREE!   I’m super excited to announce that we’re officially kicking off the homeschooling year in two weeks!  Even though we’re doing Pre-K level activities, we’ll still be following a schedule and a curriculum of sorts.  Naturally, I took to Pinterest to find the best of the best for planning advice, homeschooling activities and printables (preferably free!).   I found loads of great resources from fellow homeschooling moms (some of my favorites I’ve listed below), but each printable I found only had certain elements of what I was looking to capture.  For instance, one mom had a killer weekly schedule, but was missing a goaling section.  Another had beautiful goal sheets, but no reading log.  You get the idea!   So, what’s a frugal momma to do?  Easy – make my own!   Using the inspiration from all these great ladies, I pulled together the best of the best in my own format to create: The Complete…
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Kids Ice Art – A Frozen Science Activity

Kids Ice Art Science Activity

Kids Ice Art – A Frozen Science Activity   Are your kids getting antsy with all this cold weather?  Many families withdraw into a self-imposed hibernation during the winter months, but I say let’s get out and explore.  It’s only this cold once a year! Frozen Science This activity not only gives kids a reason to get outside and explore, but also teaches some basic science concepts such as: freezing melting liquids solids Materials: Pinecones, leaves and/or twigs Water Freezable bowls (I used Styrofoam so I could peel them off after the water froze) Cold weather or a freezer! How to: Bundle up and head outside.  Ask your child to find some objects to bring back inside (e.g. pinecones, leaves, twigs, etc). Have your child arrange his or her object however he/she would like in a bowl or two. Pour water into the bowls to cover the objects. Place outside or in freezer. When frozen, remove the ice blocks from their container and talk with your child about what happened to the water. For easy cleanup, place art outside and allow to melt naturally!

Preschool Science: How Clean Is Snow?

How Clean Is Snow?

Preschool Science: How Clean Is Snow? Ever tried to tell your child that snow is dirty?  Particularly after watching her scoop up a mitten-full from a month-old snowbank?  I have.  It works about as well as when my mom used to tell me. I ran across this really great experiment that will show your kids exactly what is in snow as well as teaching the principles of: melting solids liquids All you need is: snow (the dirter the better!) a colander (big enough to fit the colander on top) a bowl a coffee filter Steps: Place the colander on top of/in the bowl. 2. Place the coffee filter inside the colander.3. Scoop snow into the coffee filter. 4. Return an hour later (or when the snow has melted) and check out what is left behind!

My Favorite Homeschooling Blogs (For Preschool!)

Favorite Homeschool Blogs for Preschool

My Favorite Homeschooling Blogs (For Preschool) As a new homeschooling mom on the block, I relied a lot on other mom’s (and dad’s) homeschooling blogs for guidance and inspiration.  It helped immensely to see what other folks used for tools and how they managed their learning and family time.  Whether you’re a homeschooling family (or not!), there’s a lot to be gained from checking these blogs out.   Who these blogs are for: Anyone with a toddler or preschooler that likes to have fun! (Homeschooling activities can be for anyone at anytime!) A homeschooling family looking for inspiration Anyone in need of homeschooling advice or support New and and experienced homeschoolers looking for great project ideas and learning! The Blogs: Preschool Mom: The everything source for free (and some paid) preschool printables (who knew the alphabet could look so cool?) The Number and Alphabet printables are my fav! Playdough to Plato: Math, Science and Literary printables and project ideas for Pre-K to 1st Grade You can subscribe to her blog and get great science project ideas right to your inbox! My Joy-Filled Life: Home and Homeschooling planner printables (blog planners, homeschool planners, meal planning, etc), preschool printables and Christian resources….
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Fun With Colored Ice

Fun With Colored Ice

Fun With Colored Ice Looking for a fun preschool winter themed science project?  Or maybe something to cool off with in the summer?  Having fun with colored ice can help your child explore the concepts of: Freezing/Melting Liquid/Solid Combining Colors A Preschool Winter Project in the making… This project can be adapted to materials on hand.  All you will need is: food coloring water mixing bowls freezable containers We used neon colors for the water and silicon ice trays to create different shaped ice cubes. Steps: Fill several bowls with water. Add 3-5 drops of color to each, so you end up with different colors of water. Pour water into ice cube trays or whatever freezer safe containers you are using. Freeze for 3-4 hours or until completely solid. Empty colored, frozen ice into a large bowl. I’d do all the mixing and pouring on paper towels or old dishcloths to catch any splashes! Preschool Science Explorations: Have your child guess which shapes/sizes of ice will melt the quickest (then check!). Add water of varying temperatures and have your child guess or observe what temperature melts the ice fastest. Ask your child to predict what colors will be made as…
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Preschool Wildlife Tracking

Preschool Wildlife Tracking

Wildlife Tracking (as a Preschool Activity) *This post may contain affiliate links. Tracking the animals that have been around the park or in your own backyard is a wonderful way to introduce children to the outdoor world around them.  It provides them an awareness of other creatures that they may never see in person – only the tracks – and also provides parents and teachers a springboard to discuss habitat, food, water and shelter requirements.  And, tracking can be done in any season (although muddy or snowy are easiest!) Introducing the Idea of Animal Tracks A fun and captivating way to introduce the idea of animal tracking to little ones is through a book.  Although it doesn’t have to be specifically about tracking, there are several great ones available.  If you can’t find the books that we used listed below, any story that discusses an animals movements (especially during the night when we are sleeping) is a great lead in to discuss a track’s origin.  My favorite books are: Who’s Been Here: A Tale in Tracks by Fran Hodgkins Tracks in the Wild by Betsy Bowen (this one is for older kids) North Country Night by Daniel San Souci Get…
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