Mount Sunapee Homestead

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Homestead Updates!

Pigs in feeder

We’ve updated a few things on our website!   Don’t forget, you can also sign up to get updates right to your inbox!! Homestead Products: We’re sold out of roasters for this season, but please let us know about future interest! We are currently taking orders for bulk pasture raised pork, ready in the early winter! Also taking orders for fresh Thanksgiving turkeys! Meet the Homesteaders! A new page for all those curious about who were are! Homestead Writing Services This page has been moved to part of the Homestead Products…but we’re still writing!!

Turkeys and chickens and BEARS…oh my.

Bears are cool animals.  They’re strong, have an amazing sense of smell and it’s socially acceptable for them to get really fat and sleep it off. But,  it’s not cool when they eat all our turkey grain.  Although,  it’s preferable to them eating our turkeys.  Tonight, stand by for operation Electric Baited Fence. Hopefully the game camera will yield some cool shots….of a bear running away. 

Hungry for Homestead?

Homestead products

Hungry for Homestead Products?   For those who don’t know, here at the Homestead, we’re passionate about eating.  And we’re equally passionate about knowing what we’re eating.  In the near year since we launched our site, we’ve had dozens of happy customers (who we thank and appreciate greatly!), but thought it was time for another shout out about what we offer! So, without further ado, our homestead offerings include:   Meat (all pasture raised and available fresh!) Chicken roasters Pork Thanksgiving (or anytime) Turkeys Eggs Although we can’t free range due to predation, our hens have plenty of room and fresh air! Chocolates/Baked Goods We’ve been known to whip up some pretty tasty wedding favors! We’re hoping to offer some honey this year, but that’ll be up to the bees! For more information, or to order, contact us and/or checkout our Homestead Products Page!