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Hungry for Homestead?

Homestead products

Hungry for Homestead Products?   For those who don’t know, here at the Homestead, we’re passionate about eating.  And we’re equally passionate about knowing what we’re eating.  In the near year since we launched our site, we’ve had dozens of happy customers (who we thank and appreciate greatly!), but thought it was time for another shout out about what we offer! So, without further ado, our homestead offerings include:   Meat (all pasture raised and available fresh!) Chicken roasters Pork Thanksgiving (or anytime) Turkeys Eggs Although we can’t free range due to predation, our hens have plenty of room and fresh air! Chocolates/Baked Goods We’ve been known to whip up some pretty tasty wedding favors! We’re hoping to offer some honey this year, but that’ll be up to the bees! For more information, or to order, contact us and/or checkout our Homestead Products Page!

The Spring Homestead Checklist

Spring Homestead Checklist

The Spring Homestead Checklist Some folks may wonder exactly what we homesteaders are doing when the snow is still on the ground to the time the summer sun shines bright overhead.  Well, take a peak at our seasonal chores below.  Of course, fellow homesteaders may have more or less tasks depending on their holdings.   For those looking to start homesteading, check out the Homesteading 101 post for more chores by seasons! Livestock Order any piglets or poults from farmers or feed stores by late winter/early spring. Prepare brooders check heat lamps from last year review poult care check cage wires to keep mice out if brooder will be in garage or barn Pick up chicks/poults, lambs, piglets, etc Assist with livestock birthing (if not ordering) Check any pasture fences to prevent escapes Install electric fences and train livestock to fence Garden Ensure seeds are ordered by late winter/early spring Start seeds indoors according to packaging Purchase any started plants in late spring to transfer to garden Till the garden when ground thaws  Plant cold-loving varieties (e.g. spinach, chards) Begin to harden off seedlings Prune any fruit trees before budding occurs Bees Prepare hives to install any new bee colonies…
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Homesteading 101 – How to Start a Homestead

Homesteading 101

  Homesteading 101 – How to Start a Homestead So you want to start a homestead?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Homesteading can be a very rewarding lifestyle (or even hobby) for anyone looking to feel a little more independent.  Not sure if homesteading is for you?  Keep reading, because, my friends, homesteading can be so many things.  It’s all up to you to decide what your homestead will look like – that’s part of the fun! What is homesteading? Homesteading is a very broad term applied to anyone with a DIY, self-sustaining attitude.  Although homesteaders can range from full-scale self-subsistence live-off-the-land type farming all the way to people who want to make their own soap, most of us fall somewhere in between!  Homesteading can include any or all of the below activities (and many more that I’m forgetting): gardening canning the harvest soap making raising chickens for eggs raising livestock for meat beekeeping boiling sap for maple syrup home cooking with homemade ingredients (such as vanilla extract or yogurt) Simply put: homesteading is making as much as you can yourself with ingredients you source/make yourself. Why Homestead? Take a look on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of blogs related to homesteading (my…
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How to Train your Pigs to an Electric Fence

How To Train Your Pigs to An Electric Fence

  How to Train your Pigs to an Electric Fence Pigs are smart.  Pigs are fast.  Pigs like to roam.  These are not three things that make a farmer’s life easy.  Especially a farmer who wants to see happy pasture pigs on fresh ground every couple weeks.  Happily, a very smart farmer somewhere down the line had a brilliant idea: train pigs to an electric fence. Why do you need to train your pigs to an electric fence? When I first heard of the electric fence and pigs, I didn’t consider there would be any training involved.  After all, it’s electric!  As a sensible human being, I would know after one touch not to do it again.  Wouldn’t a pig?  Not exactly. While a pig will certainly know when it gets a shock, it doesn’t know what to do next.  Unfortunately, pig instinct says: charge!  That’s exactly what we don’t want them to do.  Then you would either have a piggy wrapped up in an electrified net (not good) or a loose pig (also not good).   We want our piggies to back up, right back into the safety of their pen.  That’s where the training comes in. How do…
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September Livestock Update

Homestead Panorama

Welcome Fall (ok…almost)! As we approach autumn, I thought a quick livestock update from the Homestead was a bit past due!  So, here we go! Pigs Our happy porkers are enjoying some fresh pasture as they were just moved a couple days ago.  We’ve noticed a marked decrease in feed intake from our pigs when they’re enjoying a new spot.  They seem to prefer grass to Blue Seal!  Can’t say that we’re too upset about that – after all, pasture is the point! Turkeys Our turkeys are still enjoying the safety of their tractor home and enjoying the pasture grass!  They’re getting bigger each day and much more vocal.  They especially enjoy listening to their neighbor pigs getting fed as their feeding time is right behind! Chickens Our chickens have had a rough week!  After some not so pleasant experiences with our free range ladies becoming part of the local food chain, it’s reaffirmed that our flock simply isn’t safe free range.  Instead, we’ll continue to use pinless peepers (which you’ll hear more about later this week) to keep our ladies healthy and whole!  At least until we get an impenetrable run built! Bees Our little bees have certainly been busy…
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