Mount Sunapee Homestead

Homestead Products

Here at the Homestead, we’re happy to say our meat is all pasture raised!  We work hard to make sure our animals are happy, healthy and living in their natural state.  And, yes, we do offer a limited quantity each year of our tasty turkey roasters, pork cuts and whole chickens.

Homestead Meat Availability:

  • Chicken Roasters:  Taking orders for summer 2017
  • Pork: A few sample cuts available. 
  • Fresh Turkeys: Taking orders for Thanksgiving 2017

In addition to meat, we offer fresh eggs locally and have also been known to make some wicked chocolates, cookies and/or pies!

To inquire about egg, treat or meat orders, please email or Facebook us!

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We hope to offer honey within the next year!  In spring of 2016, we introduced bees to the property!

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