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Although we have a lot of fun with everything we do at the Homestead, writing The Quill (our blog) is definitely a highlight!

Writing has long been a passion of mine.  After all, what better way to communicate your ideas, products and stories?  In fact, if you have a story to tell or a yarn to spin, let me know!  I can help craft your sales pitch, history, newsletter or whatever writing services you may need.  My quill is at the ready!

If you’d like to take a look at some of my work, email me at:!



A little aside:  Those folks looking to launch their own blog writing career would find the Blog by Number e-book incredibly helpful!  Although I do get a small commission for sales, I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t top notch!  It greatly helped organize my thoughts and get a plan down on paper so to speak.  Plus, Suzi is great and actually emails back!