Mount Sunapee Homestead

Meet The Homesteaders


Hello from our family to yours!

We’re the folks behind the Mount Sunapee Homestead operation, which all started with a desire to produce as much of our own food as possible.   Nestled in the mountains of western New Hampshire, our little homestead supplies our honey, eggs and half of our meat needs for the year (hopefully we’ll raise beef in the future!).  We also have orchards and an expanding garden.  Rounded off with lots of homemade meals and products, we’re living the good life (or so we think!).

Our family believes that getting dirty, chores and honest living are what matters and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Chris – The handyman extraordinaire, Chris comes from a large family that operated their own small homestead throughout his youth.  From pigs to sheep, he brings the experience to our Homestead that makes our dream a reality.  He’s also the chief designer and builder of all the Homestead livestock homes!

Brianna – Raised in the county, Brianna has entered into the Homestead with ZERO farming experience, but has been happy to learn.  In addition to maintaining the blog and writing, she’s pretty confident in her chicken evisceration skills.

Lily – Tenacious and fearless, Lily enjoys feeding the pigs, riding on the tractor and searching for chicken eggs.  She understands that livestock is for food, but also provides aid and comfort to passing banana slugs.

Matthew – Already very observant and content to watch the chickens and turkeys, Matthew is all smiles – until he isn’t.  Then, the Homestead revolves around him!