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The Complete Homeschool Planning Printable – FREE!

Hi all!

I know it seems like summer vacation just started,  but school season is just six weeks away!  I thought I’d repost this from last year for all those looking for a one-stop homeschooling planner!  Enjoy!


Homeschool Planner Printable - FREE

The Complete Homeschool Planner – FREE!


I’m super excited to announce that we’re officially kicking off the homeschooling year in two weeks!  Even though we’re doing Pre-K level activities, we’ll still be following a schedule and a curriculum of sorts.  Naturally, I took to Pinterest to find the best of the best for planning advice, homeschooling activities and printables (preferably free!).


I found loads of great resources from fellow homeschooling moms (some of my favorites I’ve listed below), but each printable I found only had certain elements of what I was looking to capture.  For instance, one mom had a killer weekly schedule, but was missing a goaling section.  Another had beautiful goal sheets, but no reading log.  You get the idea!


So, what’s a frugal momma to do?  Easy – make my own!


Using the inspiration from all these great ladies, I pulled together the best of the best in my own format to create:

The Complete Homeschooling Planner!  


Ta-da!  And, better yet, I’m making it available FREE to you all!  Keep scrolling for the link...


You’ll get:

  • Yearly Goal Worksheet
  • Quarterly Goal Worksheet
  • Quarterly Planner Worksheets
  • Course Material Worksheet
  • Field Trip Planner Worksheet
  • Daily Schedule Guide
  • Circle Time Planning Sheet
  • Reading Log
  • Assignment Log
  • Attendance Record Sheet
  • Weekly Lesson Planner Pages!


Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts – there’s always plenty of room for improvement in next year’s edition!

***A note: you may need to download some of the great fonts (also free!) from Kimberly Geswein to get the PDF to look just right.  These are located at: ALL-Kimberly-Geswein-Fonts-in-One-BigDownload-Personal-Use-537780

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the great moms who inspired The Complete Homeschool Planner with their wonderful planners! Please support them by subscribing and following their posts!


As we go, I’ll be sharing some of the links to free educational materials (hello tracing worksheets!) and some of our very own projects, crafts and learning adventures.  Stay tuned!

Samples of The Complete Homeschool Planner are below!


Click Here to DOWNLOAD the pdf for FREE!


The Complete Homeschool Planner Quarterly Goals

The Complete Homeschool Planner Quarterly Lesson Planner

The Complete Homeschool Planner Yearly Goal Worksheet The Complete Homeschool Planner Field Trip Planner

The Complete Homeschool Planner Weekly Lesson Planner Page 2 The Complete Homeschool Planner Weekly Lesson Planner Page 1

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